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The Align story began on an unseasonably warm May evening in 2014, as we detoxed at the Korean spa in Los Angeles.

We were commiserating over our shared disappointments in the LA dating scene, and the superficial dating apps that just weren't working.  We wanted to know the person behind the selfie, and these soulless swipes were going nowhere.

At the same time, we were chatting about compatibility.  We're both Leos, so who would work with us? We soon realized that this type of casual astrology conversation was happening everywhere we went - bars, cafes, festivals, and on Facebook posts. Everyone was asking versions of the question "What's Your Sign?" to understand romantic compatibility, but there was no platform that supported this interest.

Enter Align. We want to bring dating back to an activity that emulates the excitement of real life experiences...something that feels like an adventure where you're learning as much about yourself as you are about the person you're dating.

So, enjoy Align. You're the center of your own universe. Do you. Fill it with the best constellations imaginable.


Helen Grossman & Aliza Kelly Faragher, Align Co-Founders