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Align was founded in June 2014 by best friends Aliza Kelly Faragher (L) and Helen Grossman (R). Aliza is originally from New York City, and Helen is a Los Angeles native. Aliza and Helen met in the middle of the country at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, where they froze their asses off but were besties so whatever. After college, Aliza worked in finance in New York City at TOMS Capital, and she co-founded OUTLET Fine Art in Brooklyn. Most recently, Aliza was an art dealer at a prestigious contemporary art gallery in West Hollywood. Prior to Align, Helen was a community organizer at a nonprofit organization and she managed content, social media, and brand voice for Hub LA, Los Angeles's coworking community for socially conscious startups.

Helen and Aliza are both Leos, and couldn't be happier about it.



Align's advising astrologer is Annabel Gat.  Annabel is the former staff astrologer for MTV, and she is currently the astrologer for VICE's forthcoming women's publication, Broadly. Read Annabel's work, learn about her practice and her philosophy, and book a reading with her!