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How to Domesticate Your Libra

Aliza Faragher

Let them decorate

Libra needs to live in an aesthetically harmonious environment, so you'll want to let them take the lead on the tchachki game.

Stay social!

The key word for Libra of course is balance, so don't let your own desire for eternal domestic bliss (looking at you, Cancer) bog down your airy partner's need to socialize. A quiet night in with a movie is of course always a winner, but a fabulous dinner party or a night out on the town mustn't be taken off the table.

Art, art, art, art, art

Take this partnership as an opportunity to stay on top of the art scene, as your Libra lover will require plenty of artistic engagement. A trip to the museum or a concert is always a good call.

Libra needs space

Libras go through spurts of nonstop creative flow followed by rest periods, during which they must be given permission to move through life at a more languid pace. Do not try to rush a Libra during this down time, or they might unhinge. 

Stay on top of finances

Whereas Libra gets to take the lead on all things aesthetic, if you are a business-minded person you may want to take on some of the practical affairs which tend to burden Libra's airborne spirit. That's not to say that all Libras are bad with money or anything, but their penchant for excess could be problematic if not kept in check!

Embrace the back and forth

If the Libra's need to hash out a thought on an endless hypothetic cycle of dialogue bothers you, you might want to run for the hills. You must be open to Libra's expressive communication and devil's advocating and remember that it's not personal when they question your reasoning; they just need to think everything through.