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How You Know Libra Has A Crush

Aliza Faragher

Libras - ruled by Venus - can't help being helpless romantics. So what happens when these lovers get hit by cupid's bow? Here are the telltale signs of a crushing Libra.


The aesthetes of the zodiac, a Libra with a crush is going to make sure he or she is busting out all the best looks to impress. If you haven't noticed Libras impeccable wardrobe yet, you're definitely not going to miss it now. 


Libras are lovers, and use their artistic sensibility to court their crushes. When Libra vibes, this air sign will send out an array of flirtatious messages over different channels. Don't be surprised if you get a handwritten note in the mail... Libras crush game is a classic one.


When Libra is sprung on someone, they tend to romanticize the courtship experience. Libras will make sure his or her crush is adequately doted upon, so a vibing Libra will plan special occasions and unforgettable dates. Extra Libra points if they involve trips to museums or wineries. 



These air signs love being in love, so a smitten Libra is going to enjoy the experience of falling head over heels. Don't be surprised a crushing Libra starts Heart Eyes-ing pretty early on, or even trying to take things to the "next level." Libras aren't afraid of being in relationships, so a Libra with a crush will definitely get serious in no time.


We've told you all about how Libras hate being alone, and when a Libra has a crush, they're going to try to spend as much time with their object of desire as possible. This romantic Libra will stop at nothing to hang out, so if you find yourself suddenly living life with a plus one, you can guarantee that Libra's some caught feelings.