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Your sign's drink of choice

Aliza Faragher

When it's booze time, what libation will you #align with? 

Aries: Whatever's fastest and freest. Shots preferred. Something spicy if there's a choice. 

Taurus: A healthy, well-aged whiskey or scotch to be savored. Hopefully in a place with comfortable seating. 

Gemini: 2 for 1 happy hour. After that happy hour ends, find another one. 

Cancer: Merlot. At home. 

Leo: Champagne. They're buying this round. You'd better have something nice to say about how well this lipstick shade suits her. 

Virgo: IPA (or maybe a virgin pina colada if you're feeling cute) 

Libra: The frilliest signature cocktail the bar has to offer, so long as it comes in a stunning glass. After about three of these, whatever is freest/most potent/prettiest. (See Aries) 

Scorpio: Vodka martini. Shaken not stirred. If there's a molecule too much vermouth be ready to make that sucker again. 

Sagittarius: A tiki-drink. Conversation starter.

Capricorn: Jameson on the rocks. Classic. 

Aquarius: Something with dry ice in it. Make it weird.

Pisces: Whatever makes this acid drop sooner.