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What the Press is Saying About Align

Aliza Faragher

First day launched and the press is hardcore vibing with #Align! We're so happy with all the positive reviews and great energy! Here's what some of the media have to say AND THERE'S MORE TO COME! #Winning

Glamour says "If you believe in the power of astrology, you’re going to want to thank your lucky stars for this news...We dig this." Thanks, Zahra Barnes! Thanks Glamour! 

Nylon  says: "For me, it’s about finding somebody other, somebody who is a little more open, a little more optimistic, filled with a little less bile...I’m hopeful, and isn’t that the whole idea here?" -Mickey Stanley

Brit+Co says "What I loved about the app was...Rather than forcing me to skim through boring profiles or swipe past photos, Align reveals the pros and cons of a relationship with each of my potential matches" -Angela Velez

Refinery29 says: "If you've been swiping your little heart out to no avail, perhaps it's time to ditch Tinder and try a different approach to dating...Enter Align" -Erin Fitzpatrick

AMAZING! Stay tuned for more reviews to come and don't forget to download #Align so you, too, can see what all the buzz is about. #DoYouAlign