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Cancer Gift Ideas

Aliza Faragher

                                                            What do you get a crab for its birthday?

Bath Salts 

Cancers love some good downtime in a soothing bath, so give them an excuse to soak  with a nice, non-hallucinagentic bath salt! Our suggestion: check out Larchmont Beauty, where they'll hook you up with some mad aquatic swag. 

A Nice Bottle of Red

Give your Cancer friend the gift of red-stained teeth and a night of talking about your feelings. The vineyard-saavy team at Silverlake Wine will have the perfect suggestions for your tastes and your budget! 

A Cookbook

Cancers love cooking delicious feasts--why stop them?! You'll definitely get a great meal out of it. For a taste of LA gourmet, try the Mozza Cookbook. It's the best. 

Anything Homemade and Sentimental

Cancers are definitely the DIY sign, so anything you make from the heart is going to be a big winner in the gift department. Pick up some glitter and string from  Blick Art Supplies on Beverly, break out the hot glue and make a friendship bracelet, or take up quilting. Either way, they'll love it.