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Best Exercise For Your Sign

Aliza Faragher

                                           It's beach season! How does your sign work it out?

Aries: Tennis

Appealing to the competitive nature of your fiery ram-ness, pick up a racket and bring a buddy! Remember to play nice, though. Check out the Echo Park Tennis Courts

Taurus: Strength Training

Get those bull-muscles pumped with some good ole fashion iron lifting. Or just hit the weight room. 

Gemini: Sample the Group Exercise Schedule

You love being social and routine gets you down so try out a bunch of different classes and keep it fresh; The YMCA is awesome (and not too expensive!) for group classes.

Cancer: Swimming

Because duh. Try out the Rose Bowl Pool--it's heaven for water signs. 

Leo: Zumba

Rock it out and let that fire blaze! Carribean Dance Xplosion should definitely be on your Zumba bucket-list. 

Virgo: Hiking

Get some clean air, rock some earthy hiking boots and take in the natural beauty. Check out some of LA's prime trails HERE

Libra: Dance Class

Beauty. Elegance. Music. Take the stage and dance your Libran heart out. The Edge Performing Arts Center has amazing classes at all levels with great instructors and affordable prices 

Scorpio: Kick Boxing

Kick some ass and get your adrenaline pumping. Zero to Hero is definitely worth a shot!

Sagittarius: Rock-Climbing

Social, adventurous and always a good time. Strong Hold Climbing Gym will let you train for scaling the grand peaks. 

Capricorn: Long Distance Running/Marathons

Goal-oriented and ambitious Capricorn will need to have something to work towards. Lace up those Nikes and hit the track!

Aquarius: Extreme Snowboarding

Like, SO extreme. 

Pisces: Yoga

No need to move too fast or over-extend yourself. Find your center and breathe deep, perhaps for free in Runyon Canyon!