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Leo Gift Ideas

Aliza Faragher

                   It's almost Leo Season! Here's some presents your Lion friends will love. 

A Bouquet of Roses

Flashy Leo will love the red flowers in their beautiful apartments. And they will feel loved like it's Valentine's Day (priority: make them feel loved) Try ordering from The Bouqs for easy awesome flowers!

A Bottle of Nice Tequila

Leos love to get down, especially if it's their birthday, an tequila is the perfect drink for a good party! Stop by Silverlake Liquor  to pick up a nice bottle. You'll want to get a nice one. 

Gift Card to Nasty Gal

Leos love to feel pampered and love to look their best, so this is really a no-brainer. Check out Nasty Gal 

A Lovely Card Filled with Love and Validation

Above everything else, a Leo on its birthday just wants to feel loved and cared for. You can do that by just writing out all the things you love about your Leo friend (the list should be long and detailed) on a beautiful piece of stationary from Pulp!

Good Luck! #DoYouAlign