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Venus is Retrograde and Here's What to Expect

Aliza Faragher

                                                                            It's all ok. You'll get over it. 

"Venus is associated with love, beauty, and luxury; expect these themes to get turned on their head when the retrograde kicks in." Read Align's Astrological Advisor Annabel Gat's piece on MercRX and Retrogrades HERE

Avoid Make-overs and Haircuts

Venus rules beauty, so this may not be the time to make a major aesthetic change. Any retrograde calls for introspection and self-discovery, so maybe put that idea for a giant tattoo of a golden monkey smoking lucky strikes on the back burner and let it simmer. 

You may at times feel icky and poor and unsexy. 

"During Venus retrograde, you may not feel so seductive, and your self-esteem may even take a hit, but this is an indispensable chance to review your love life and financial situation. Sometimes we need to wake up feeling gross, without any money for morning coffee, in order to look around and really wonder, What the hell am I doing here, with these people, in this city, with this job?" -Annabel GatAlign's Astrological Advisor

But everything will be ok. 

Retrogrades end (This one on September 8th!) but even in VenusRX you can still have a happy life. RX is a perfect chance to take a look inside and take stock of yourself. Self-love is the end goal here, people. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, that's just fabulous. Find them today: #DoYouAlign

Read Annabel Gat's full article on Retrogrades here!