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Ideal Dates By Sign

Aliza Faragher

                                             Picking the perfect date? Easy. What's your sign? 

Aries: Roller Skating

This appeals to the Aries' love for competition (without getting too intense) as well as moving around and going hard. Check out some rad places to roll around in. 

Taurus: Wine Tasting

Sensual Taurus will appreciate the excuse to drink many different wines without appearing to be a lush. Just be sure there are snacks. Here are some awesome spots to uncork and unwind with your date

Gemini: Double Date

You'll hate it, but they'll love it. 

Cancer: Dinner at Your House

Not only do Cancer's love everything homemade, they'll appreciate you bringing them into the intimacy of your home life. Major points to be scored. 

Be sure to pick up a good bottle (or 4) from Silver Lake Wine

Leo: Picnic

Anything to make your Leo suitor feel special and romantically attended to. Why not drape out a blanket and feed them grapes? 

Virgo: Classical Concert

The soothing music can be cleansing and will remind the hard-working Virgo that they needn't worry too much. Optimal time for some arm-shoulder action. 

Libra: Rooftop Party

This will fulfill the Libra's desire for aesthetic excellence as well as put them in their element (literally, give them some damn air). Bonus points for exploding hearts. Here's the skinny on the rooftop happenings 

Scorpio: Trivia Night

Almost everything is a game for Scorpios, so why not literally put them in a game. The more they feel like they know, the better. Don't win if you want to get laid though. Here are some fun trivia nights for your best game face

Sagittarius: Comedy Show

Sags love to laugh. They love backhanded compliments and they love entertainment. So take them to a Groundlings show

Capricorn: Rock Climbing

Let the ambitious Capricorn literally get a leg up and have a good time doing it! Also climbing is sexy if you didn't know. Check out Rockreation

Aquarius: Square Dancing

They're gonna try to make it weird, so may as well beat them to the punch! Dancing is a blast, and line dancing is even better. Check out the best places to square dance

Pisces: Swimming Party

Take a dip and chill by the pool with your fishy date. Maybe pop some acid and smoke a blunt if that's your jam. Here are the best summer pool parties in LA

Have fun, be safe and show your Align match the time of their life! #DoYouAlign