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New Years Resolutions According to Each Sign

Aliza Faragher

Ah...New Years Resolutions: the promise we make ourselves at the end of the year that only tend to actually last about a week. Maybe two, if you're extra dedicated (ahem, Capricorn). At this rate, we all still have a few days left of sticking to our new resolutions before falling back into old routines.  

Aries: Be more patient

Taurus: Start composting

Gemini: Don't be afraid of feelings

Cancer: Chill out, worry less

Leo: More vintage shopping

Virgo: Keep it simple

Libra: Join an improv team

Scorpio: Run a marathon (or half)

Sagittarius: Tell a joke a day

Capricorn: Get that promotion


Aquarius: Make at least 5 new friends

Pisces: Accomplish at least 1 goal / dream