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How Gemini Interprets Valentine's Day

Aliza Faragher

What's Valentine's Day?


If you haven’t cultivated it yet, Valentine’s Day may be the perfect opportunity to harness your alter ego. And is there anything better than revealing your other (better?) half though song? Think of Valentine’s Day as your debutante ball, and let your vibrato be your guide. Head on over to your favorite karaoke spot (may we suggest Smog Cutter in Los Angeles or Sing Sing in New York), and belt out a jam or two. Get on the mic and get down with your bad self. Bonus points for props and costumes. Valentine’s Day has never ballad’ed so good.


So your boo has been dropping hints about doing something special for Valentine’s Day. Maybe they want to go out for dinner, or spend the night snuggling, or do something fancy to celebrate your relationship, like take a selfie with a stunning view in the background. You’ve been getting hints about some flowers, or maybe a handmade card. And you know what? That’s chill. You’ll do it. Because it’s all fine by you. Personally, you’re kind of neutral on the whole Valentine’s Day thing, but if it’s important to your special someone, then that’s no problem. You’re down for whatever.