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Why Beyoncé's “Formation” Had to Come Out During Aquarius Season

Aliza Faragher

Aquarius is the genius of the zodiac -- revolutionary ideas and shaking up the status quo are concepts deeply entrenched in this air sign’s ideals. Aquarius loves to constantly learn, teach and take what we consider to be unchangeable truths and view them through a new lens.

Pop culture can be revolutionary, too, and this year’s sun in Aquarius brought a new deluge of discussions about race and blackness in America to the top of our news feeds. This in itself is nothing new; the Black Lives Matters movement has decidedly shifted the topics from taboo to necessary and this time around, the dialogue centered around Beyoncé’s latest music video and single, “Formation.” 

Beyoncé, famous for being in control of her image and keeping her opinions under wraps (the woman is a Virgo, can we blame her?) dropped the deeply political video the day before she was set to perform at the Super Bowl’s Halftime Show. 

Predictably, the Internet went into a frenzy, but this was more than a typical update from the elusive Unofficial Queen of the World. The beautifully shot video is full of striking imagery: Beyoncé lays upon a sinking New Orleans police car.


A small boy in a black hoodie (the same article of clothing that sealed Trayvon Martin’s fate in 2012 at the hands of George Zimmerman) and police in riot gear raise their arms, evoking “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” the rally cry of those who protested the murder of unarmed Michael Brown in August of 2014. 

Blue Ivy Carter wears her hair naturally and is seen in moments of genuine play. Beyoncé dances around a southern gothic home while singing praises of her black features. When Beyoncé speaks, the world falls silent and takes notes. Her influence is undeniable and the fact that she is using it to spread this message of black power--as well as black suffering--is monumental.  

February's New Moon in Aquarius fell on Super Bowl Sunday, bringing with it a powerful surge for ethical grounding. Once again Beyoncé’s performance feels very much in alignment with the New Moon’s intentions to highlight what is chaining us and as well as how to break free. 

Rather than cynically second-guessing a pop artist's every move, the New Moon in Aquarius urges us to look at the bigger picture and recognize an opportunity for us all to engage in a critical moment. With 111.9 million mesmerized viewers watching (it is Queen B, after all), Beyoncé commanded the country with a group of dancers, all black women with natural hair, wearing outfits reminiscent of the Black Panthers of the 1960s.

With their fists raised, it’s clear that this Aquarius season is bringing with it a powerful message: change is inevitable and necessary and we’re in the midst of its electric grasp, whether you like it or not.