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Your Ideal Match is Virgo! (August 23 - September 22)

Aliza Faragher

Your ideal match is a Virgo! Virgo likes to keep it low key. In fact, the mere mention of Valentine’s Day probably sent the zodiac’s little angel into something of a panic. While grumbling about how stupid the holiday is anyway, Virgo is probably punishing him or herself over not making Valentine’s plans early enough, or not buying the best gift. Critical and practical, Virgo is a devoted partner, albeit an intense (and persnickety) one. But they’re cute AF and devoted in their own special way, often putting partners on a pedestal and worshiping without you even noticing it. Don’t do anything extreme with for Virgo on Valentine’s Day, that’ll just overwhelm them. Stick to the basics: an IPA, nice dinner, walk in the park, and then early bedtime before work in two days.

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