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Bachelor Ben's Most Pisces Moments

Aliza Faragher

Bachelor Ben Higgins is a lot of things: he's your all-American, Midwestern, high school quarterback, down-to-earth mama's boy who just happens to be searching for love on ABC when he isn't starring in McDonald's all day breakfast commercials. Ben Higgins, more importantly to Align, is also a Pisces. Well, technically he's a Pisces-Aries cusp, but a Pisces nonetheless. Pisces love attention and affection, both giving and receiving. Pisces have a tendency to show a lot of love to a lot of people, which can get emotionally confusing and stressful for those involved. Clearly, we see that happening this season.

This week on The Bachelor, Ben visited the remaining 4 women in their hometowns. There was a lot of drama, a lot of interrogation, and a ton of pressure. Ben was clearly feeling it and all of the women were excited and nervous that they were positive they were falling in love with Ben, yet they never said it. Since Pisces season has just begun, it's only right to celebrate and look back on some of Ben's best Pisces moments.

Ben is Mr. Nice Guy

tbt never forget the glory days

tbt never forget the glory days

Pisces love intimacy, just like Ben loves putting his hand on people's legs

He's really emotional and loving and says things like, "When I met Lauren for the first time, the world stopped."

He was always suuuuper calm when dealing with Olivia

Pisces are usually emotionally stable and love putting other people's needs before their own, just like how Ben took care of Jubilee

Pisces is the fish, and Ben definitely loves his hot tub dates 

Ben has had a lot of fantastic moments this season and there are so many times when his true Pisces comes through. He handles all of the drama and emotion so well, but just like the symbol, his heart is clearly swimming in two different directions.