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Michael Jordan AND Michael B. Jordan Are Aquarians

Aliza Faragher

Now that's some real Aquarius inception right there.

Michael Jordan and Michael B. Jordan are two talented superstars in their respective fields—although Michael Jordan did shine as an actor in the best movie ever, Space Jam. Aquarians are known for being determined and limitless, which is why it makes perfect sense that these two MJs are so successful. 

Michael Jordan broke records and completely transformed the game of basketball. Sure, he dabbled in baseball for a hot sec, but he kept striving and winning and never giving up. Michael B. Jordan is the same way. He had two breakout roles in Friday Night Lights as Vince Howard and The Wire as Reggie Montgomery. He doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon, either, which is pretty clear in his powerful performance in Creed. Cheers to these two incredible Aquarians.

Michael Jordan and Michael B. Jordan are both sports superstars

Aquarians are extremely supportive, just like MJ & MBJ

They're independent and forge their own paths

Aquarians Michael Jordan and Michael B. Jordan will leave you passionate and interested in WHATEVER THEY CARE ABOUT.

But most of all, people respect them and they respect everyone.

Stay awesome, Michaels