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March Eclipses: Aquarius

Aliza Faragher

March contains two eclipses: a solar eclipse on March 8 and a lunar eclipse on March 23. Each sign responds to the eclipses slightly differently, but in general eclipses mark beginnings and endings, and often shed a new light on aspects in our lives.




You’ve got money on your mind with the March 8 solar eclipse. Perhaps a new source of income is coming into your life, or you’ve lost one. You started a project or a job about a year ago, and this month you’re thinking about the change in your pocket from this venture. You’re not usually the type to go googly eyes for materialistic things, Aquarius, but this month has you thinking more practically about your financial health. It also is a good time to check in on the possessions that bring value to your life. You may feel compelled to buy things you normally see no purpose for, or alternatively give away bags and bags of clothing because they don’t bring joy to your life (holla Marie Kondo).


Another fuckin eclipse. We know. You can close your wallet for this one, because the lunar eclipse in Libra will affect the way you learn, not the way you count your dolla bills. The intense energy of the Libra lunar eclipse will bring balance to an intellectual pursuit in your life. As the most intellectual sign of the zodiac, you are extremely passionate about a few issues that you know are affecting many many people in this world. This lunar eclipse could have you playing Devil’s advocate, and in turn will allow you to grow intellectually in ways you weren’t expecting. Maybe you realize how important it is to travel, to interact with new cultures in order to grow in the way you’d like. The energy of this eclipse inspires you with a new philosophical pursuit, or a different and very rewarding understanding of something you’re already passionate about. And if anyone can vibe on that energy, it’s you.


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