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Mercury Retrograde: Leo

Aliza Faragher

Ready for my close up.

YOU’RE A STAR. Obviously. The Sun is a star, and the Sun rules Leo. Though the Sun never goes retrograde (hair flip), the planets do, and this season’s Mercury retrograde in Taurus affects your career, success, and professional / public life. When Mercury went retrograde on April 28, all of the efforts and experiences of the past month finally came to a head, and it is now time to confront the difficult but inspiring themes surrounding fame and fortune. Of course, we know that closing deals, signing contracts, or making final decisions is not recommended during Mercury retrograde, so until Mercury resumes its normal course on May 22, use this month as an opportunity to conceptualize, strategize, and vision. After all, every Lion needs a plan of attack before they pounce. Rawr.