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Mercury Retrograde: Libra

Aliza Faragher

I Got Feels, That are Multiplying. 

Most of the time, Libra, you’re great at being an analytical, neutral party. You know how to remain objective, and comfortably understand many different perspectives without committing to one viewpoint. Sorry to say, Libra, that is not the case during this Mercury retrograde. This season’s Mercury retrograde in Taurus happens to affect you in a very deep, emotional way. You might be feeling more sensitive and vulnerable than usual. Issues involving intimacy and closeness may have cropped up in April, and this retrograde provides a safe space for truly contemplating and reflecting on those experiences. Use this retrograde as a time to get back in touch with yourself, and take some of the pressure off being a non-biased observer. You got feels, Libra, and it’s time to explore them.