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Mercury Retrograde: Taurus

Aliza Faragher

No Comprendo.


First off, let’s acknowledge how RUDE it is that Mercury is getting all freaky in your sign, during your season. You’re just trying to have picnics, enjoy your new throw pillows, and live the sweet, slow life, you know? Unfortch, that’s going to feel a little less pleasant with Mercury Retrograde making you much more vulnerable to people misconstruing your good intentions. This is a time when you think you’re being extra clear and assertive, or coming up with brilliant ideas (which duh they are), but you can’t stick the landing. Take this time while Mercury is muddling up your affairs to sort out your ideas and thoughts extra carefully. We don’t have to be afraid of Mercury retrograde, and, in fact, you can really use this retrograde period in your sign to think about your endeavors and matters of personal growth. Mercury is fast moving zero chill, and when it’s retrograde in your 100% chill zone, it’s moving slower and taking on the more reflective qualities that you embody. While everyone else is freaking out, you can be the perfect example of something you’ve known all along: relax and reflect, slow and steady wins the race.