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Aliza Faragher

We're so excited to introduce you to Align, a new astrology-based dating app.  Using ancient techniques to make modern connections, Align is injecting soul back into online dating.  And it's about time. 

Align is the result of two astrologically-inclined ladies, who after an evening of luxuriating (can't beat the prices at the spas in Koreatown), expressed their mutual frustration for the online dating landscape.  Why were compatibility options so limited?  And when did this all become so soulless?  We wanted to know what was behind the selife -- who really is this person we're messaging?  And, most importantly, what is their sign?

And necessity is indeed the mother of invention, because soon enough, we were hard at work developing a new mobile dating app that would reflect values important to modern daters. Align is not just for astrology buffs... it's for everyone who wants a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of who they are, and how they relate to their potential matches.  You're the center of your own universe, after all. May as well fill it with the brightest stars and the best constellations.

Ready to expand your universe? We are too.


Aliza & Helen

Co-Founders & Leos-In-Chief | Align


That's us, flashing the Align symbol wherever we go.

That's us, flashing the Align symbol wherever we go.

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