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What Each Sign Says in Bed

Aliza Faragher


As we all know, it's Sagittarius season. One of the most well-known Sagittarius traits is that they LOVE to talk. As in, you can never get them to shut up. While it's a lovable trait (sometimes), we're throwing the attention to all the signs and what they each say—or what we think they say—in bed.

Aries: One More time

Taurus: Let's light up those scented candles

Gemini: Catch me if you can

Cancer: Let's Cuddle

Leo: Damn, I'm good

Virgo: You're beautiful

Libra: These Egyptian cotton sheets are the best

Scorpio: You won't believe what's next

Sagittarius: WOOHOO

Capricorn: I need to be on top

Aquarius: Let's try something new

Pisces: You're my fantasy

Have more fun, less talk.