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Who Will Win Survivor: Second Chance, as Predicted by Zodiac Signs

Aliza Faragher

Survivor has been one of the top reality shows on TV for 30 seasons, and with good reason. This addictive show leaves you emotionally invested in your favorite and least favorite players, hoping your top pick will be the one to "Outwit, Outlast, Outplay" the others. This season of Survivor: Second Chance has been a season of redemption and backstabbing, blindsides and alliances. While we all mourn the loss of Joe's chiseled abs and perfectly curled and man-bunned hair, the final 6 are a strong bunch. Here's our analysis on who has a better chance of winning, based on the stars (list in no particular order).

Jeremy: April 20, Aries-Taurus Cusp

These are two powerful signs for Jeremy, the strongest man in the game. He uses his Aries leadership to show his dedication to his alliance and always try his best in every challenge. It was so Taurus of him to sacrifice one of his hidden immunity idols for Fishbach. That put a target on Jeremy's back, but he knows how to use his Aries social skills to get other people voted out instead. Jeremy definitely has a strong chance of winning because of his loyal alliances. Aries need to win, and that drive has Jeremy going til the end.

Keith: August 16, Leo

It's not surprising that Keith is a Leo. He is one of the toughest competitors and always does extremely well in challenges, despite his age and appearance. Keith's pet peeves include "loafers", which is literally the most Leo thing to say. As Leo the lion, Keith never gives up and doesn't go down without a fight. As king of the proverbial jungle, he has the hunger to win, but chances are he won't because the Tasha-Jeremy-Spencer alliance might vote him out before he can make final 2 or 3.

Tasha: January 3, Capricorn

Throughout this entire season, Tasha is the force to be reckoned with. She runs the women's alliance, but also has strong connections with Jeremy and Spencer. As a Capricorn, she wants to make it to the top all by herself. She runs the game independently, a classic mountain goat trait. Capricorns are dedicated to others and also the hardest workers. Tasha can make it to the very end, as long as she keeps her alliances in check and doesn't kick anyone off the mountain while she tries to run up it herself.

Kimmi: November 11, Scorpio

Who???? Kimmi has flown completely under the radar this season. I mean, really, how has she actually made it this far?! She isn't much of a power player, which is surprising for a Scorpio. Kimmi's one main strength is that she knows where to ally herself. She wants the all-women alliance to make it to the end, but there's no way she can or will beat Tasha, Jeremy, or really anyone else. Kimmi's Scorpio power is nowhere to be seen, unless she unleashes something really surprising during the season finale.

Spencer: June 12, Gemini

It makes a lot of sense that Spencer is a Gemini. He knows when to talk and when to back off. He's an extremely strong competitor and very analytical, two major Gemini traits. He really knows how to channel the "outwit" of the Survivor motto. Spencer has connections with every player, which brings out his Gemini nature. He knows what important decisions to make about voting people out at tribal council without making too many people angry. Spencer definitely has a strong chance of making it to final 3, but we know he won't get Chaos Kass' vote.

Kelley Wentworth: June 7, Gemini

Once again, Kelley being a Gemini is no shocker. She really knows how to work the double personality. First of all, let's take a sec to remember the time she BLINDSIDED Savage and used her hidden immunity idol. Kelley started at the bottom with her alliance to Ciera and Abi, but now she's here. The other idol she found definitely makes her a strong candidate to make it to the final 4 at least. She works her two personalities very well, but that could come back to stab her in the back.

The Jury

Abi: October 21, Libra

Joe: September 30, Libra

Fishbach: January 24, Aquarius

Ciera: March 5, Pisces

Wigglesworth: June 24, Cancer

Savage: July 29, Leo

Chaos Kass: November 8, Scorpio

Jeff Probst: November 4, Scorpio