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Jay Z and Tyra Banks are Sagittarians

Aliza Faragher

In order to complete the musical genius Sagittarius trifecta, it's only too appropriate to do so with Jay Z. He turned his life around in a complete 180—from growing up in the Marcy Houses in Bed-Stuy and selling crack to marrying Beyonce and running Tidal and basically being one of the most successful rappers/musicians ever—and that's totally typical Sag. 

Jay Z and the queen of the "smize", Tyra Banks, share a December 4 birthday. We couldn't celebrate one without the other. Both Jay Z and Tyra personify the fiery Sag lifestyle, and we know they'll keep doing great things (especially because Tyra is officially gonna be in Life Size 2!!!!!). HBD Tyra & Jay!

They aren't afraid to tell you like it is

Jay & Tyra always give great advice

 Jay Z and Tyra are both great sales people

Jay Z & Tyra got pretty lucky with how things are in their lives right now


They use their fiery nature to help pursue their dreams


Happy belated to two of the best and most fierce Sagittarians out there!