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Mercury Retrograde (#MercRx): What it Means and How to Deal

Aliza Faragher

Mercury is officially retrograde. Mercury rules communication, logic and technology, so when the planet switches up on us, no doubt we are going to be affected.

Align's astrologer, Annabel Gat, says "Mercury is just like us -- it can’t just keep thinking, talking and moving forward without a break to pause and reflect."

So when Mercury flips it and reverses it for a hot min, these are some things you should know to make sure its absence doesn't get the better of you.

Cell phones are on the fritz.

Your beloved phone is definitely at high risk right now. It may run out of battery at a very wrong time, find itself submerged in water, or just be a conduit for a lot of miscommunication. Whether you incorrectly hear someone or just totally misinterpret a text message, your phone is not your friend during #MercRx. Best thing to do is take communication in stride. Be like Paris:

Travel will be rough. No matter how you plan.

Because Mercury also governs transportation and travel, this isn't the time to jet set or take any impulse road trips. If you are traveling, however, try to be patient with the inevitable delays because duh, it's MercRx. Appreciate the downtime and maybe consider meditating while you're stuck between cities.


I ain't afraid of no ghosts.

While Mercury is retrograde, it's very likely that people from your past may pop up. Exes, dormant crushes, or even deleted numbers may resurface, so be prepared for what that may entail. While it may be fun to rekindle a romance, the implications might be severe once Mercury returns to its normal motion, so proceed with caution.

Don't Sweat it. 

Instead of working against MercRx, take this opportunity to feel liberated and just vibe out with the DGAF of misunderstood words and busted up technology. This is a time to really live in the moment and enjoy the present, rather than focussing on the little details.

Not only will we survive #MercRx, we're gonna love it.