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How to Break Your Dating Habits and Survive #MercRx

Aliza Faragher

Dating in #MercRx can feel like a disaster if you let it get the best of you. Instead of working against Retrograde, here are some tips to avoid meltdowns and make this an enjoyable experience


#MercRx means a lot of potential communication flubs, so making a clear plan together and trying to stick with it could pay off in the end when both your phones fall into ravines and every freeway is suddenly jam packed. Maybe some cute his and her planners would be a fun buy, so the two of you can save the date, throwback style. 

Avoid the Non-Stop Texting. SPA YOURSELF INSTEAD.

This is maybe not the best time for long ambling text conversations with your suitors. Someone's gonna put their foot in their mouth (lookin' at you, Sagittarius). In fact, #MercRx is the perfect time for a tech detox! Put down the phone and go somewhere signals can't even reach you, like a nice day a the spa! We love Crystal Spa on 6th street --  reasonable, luxurious and with discounted prices every Wednesday! (AND they only use Aveda products, for all you fancy Taureans) Bonus points for making a date of it ;)


It's hard not to stalk your crush's Insta and FB because... it's awesome... but instead of obsessing over a post for 36 weeks ago, go to a a free exhibit and take in some art! (not to disparage the delicate art of taking a perfect selfie obviously). Check out the Thomas Duncan Gallery, which is showing Verena Dengler's "American Painting" until June 20th! A good date idea, and it's FREE.  

ALSO -- side note -- #MercRx is a great time to reconnect with people from your past. So, if you can't shelf your Facebook habit,  use it for good and message an old friend or luvah!

Ditch the Journey and stay local.

#MercRx makes travel and long journeys a bit wonky. So then, why take the risk when every neighborhood in Los Angeles has amazing things to do super close (even within, dare we say, "walking distance"). Here's a cool guide to a bunch of secret stairs around LA (stair climbing is good exercise AND fun to do with other people). 

Actions Speak Louder than Words.

This is a perfect time for old-school romantic gestures. Send some flowers, write a sweet card on lovely paper (maybe even with a pen), read some poetry. Go to the library together! And don't be afraid to get crafty!