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Celebrity Break-Ups According to Astrology

Aliza Faragher

These are break-ups we've all heard so much about...but here's a little insight from the stars and from Align insiders. Perhaps Align could have saved these superstars some major grief.

Jennifer Aniston (Aquarius) and Brad Pitt (Sagittarius) 

The controversial split of the Hollywood dream couple actually makes total sense; Sags and Aquarians don't like to stay put and 7 years of intensity would be preferred to a lifetime of blah with a single partner.

Heidi Klum (Gemini) and Seal (Pisces) 

This is a tough match in Hollywood as hyper-sensitive Pisces may be suspicious of the intentions behind Gemini's clever finesse. A relationship that would otherwise require honest and game-free communication would be hard to maintain in the entertainment industry. 

Tom Cruise (Cancer) and Katie Holmes (Sagittarius)

The sharp-tongued Sagittarius is sure to step on a sensitive Cancer's toes more often than not, and the outgoing Sag will frequently feel oppressed by the Cancer's desire for family and closeness (and Scientology).

JLo (Leo) and P Diddy (Scorpio)

Diddy said "I'll always love Jennifer," which makes sense considering that Leos and Scorpios, if they can learn to trust each other, will never let go. Passionate but mysterious (possibly weapon-wielding) Scorpio and vulnerable, proud Leo make a powerful duo.  But as intensely as these two signs fall in love, they just as intensely fall out. If the two can learn to be honest--if Scorpio can compromise some of his mystery and Leo some of her vulnerability , they are sure to shine for a long while. If not, they may end up in flames like JLo and P Diddy.