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Where You Should Live According to Sign

Aliza Faragher

We get it--you live somewhere and you love it. But if you haven't checked out these cities, you may be missing something...

Aries: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The explosive, fast-paced atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro would have any ram blazing at full speed.

Taurus: Florence, Italy

The food, architecture, cultural overflow and appreciation for earthly pleasures makes Florence the ideal place for a Taurean. We know our Taurus baes are all about that siesta time.

Gemini: Hong Kong

This vibrant city has the duality of our twinsie friends, getting the best of East and West. The break-neck speeds and urban pizzaz allow the flighty Gemini to thrive. 

Cancer: Venice

Cancers love to be around water, and the overwhelming potential for beautifully emotional romantic gestures make this aquatic hub a Cancerian daydream.

Leo: Los Angeles, California

The glitz and glamour along with a culture that appreciates star quality above all else makes Los Angeles a fabulous runway for the elegant and affection-craving Leo. 

Virgo: Zurich, Switzerland 

The immaculately clean and stable environment of Zurich suits the perfection-seeking Virgo. Not to mention the beautiful people...

Libra: Paris, France

The aesthetic and indulgence of Paris speaks volumes to the airy Libra and their obsessive need to be surrounded by beauty. 

Scorpio: Moscow, Russia

Home to many a piercing eye, the intensity and fierce nip of this city is a wonderful home for the Scorpio. 

Sagittarius: Chicago, Illinois

Home of the loud and the friendly, as well as a major center for comedy, Chicago has the rolling laughter and good spirit necessary to keep a Sagittarius happy.

Capricorn: New York, New York

What better place for the ambitious Capricorn than the center of everything?

Aquarius: Berlin, Germany 

Berlin has all the innovative energy and creativity the freaky-diki Aquarius could hope for. 

Pisces: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam has all the great urban elements that our fishy friends love such as music, but moves at a slower pace ideal for the dreamy Pisces. And plenty of water. (And all the drugs, obvi.)