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Your Sign's Car

Aliza Faragher

Pimp your ride. #DoYouAlign

Aries: Dodge pickup

Out of the way. Other Aries friends in the back shotgunning Tecates. 

Taurus: MiniVan 

Complete with DVD player, leather seats and 5000 cup holders. 

Gemini: Two-seater audi CONVERTIBLE 

Just two in this ride. Sorry you can't come oops. 

Cancer: volvo station wagon

Safest car on the market. Room for groceries. Never goes very far from home. 

Leo: ferrari 

Don't even bother. 

virgo: Prius

Practical, efficient, clean. 

libra: Fiat convertible 

Feeling the air, feeling the yellow. 

Scorpio: Tesla

Who's in that Tesla? None of your damn business. 

sagittarius: jeep suv

Fully loaded with camping gear/skydiving equipment at all times. Air conditioner broken,. 

capricorn: cadillac

Classic. Not too flashy (but totally flashy)

Aquarius: Pt cruiser

Ew why? Exactly. 

Pisces: dad's old volkswagen bus 

On sale for Coachella tix. 

Ride on. #DoYouAlign