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Aliza Faragher


We love our Clueless stars for all their  quirks. BUT WHAT ARE THEIR SIGNS??

Cher: Aries

Full speed ahead. 

Dionne: Leo

Flashy/needs constant validation from Murray. 

Tai: Taurus

Loves treats/stubborn

Josh: Capricorn

Ambitious/trying to take everything seriously

Murray: Gemini

Doesn't want to be held down. Changes it up. Charming AF.

Christian: Libra


Travis: Pisces

Dreamer. Always high. 

Elton: Leo

But like, a douchey leo. 

Amber: Cancer

Moody. Emotionally triggering. 

Mel: Scorpio

Mr. Hall: Virgo

Nit-picky. Hard working. Gruff. 

Ms. Geist: Aquarius 

Actually wants to make a difference. 

Happy Anniversary Clueless! #DoYouAlign