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This is How an Aquarius Would Survive a Snow Storm

Aliza Faragher

In case you don't know, the East Coast and parts of the Southeast are being absolutely pummeled by snow. People are freaking out and buying out all the milk, bread, and alcohol in grocery stores across the region. While this blizzard warning definitely isn't ideal (except for catching up on all of Making a Murderer), we have to be positive and think with an Aquarius mindset. Aquarians are always positive, so this is probably how an Aquarius would be handling this current snowy situation.

First thought: SHIT it's snowing

I should go buy wine and snacks for my roommates

What are we going to watch together on Netflix?

I hope no one loses power

I should make myself a fancy brunch or dinner

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Stay warm, east coasters!