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The Kanye-Wiz Khalifa Twitter Feud Proves how Gemini Kanye Really Is

Aliza Faragher

And Wiz is such a Virgo. 

If you missed out on the epic Kanye West-Wiz Khalifa Twitter fight, here's a quick rundown: Kanye is changing his self-proclaimed "best album ever made" name from SWISH to Waves. Khalifa got pissed and started a Twitter feud that was truly one for the ages. All tweets have been deleted, however. But, in typical Virgo fashion, Khalifa's solution and response to the entire thing is "I got joints to roll". #blessed 

Background: Gemini vs. Virgo

Here's the sitch: Geminis and Virgos are both incredibly talented, driven, and successful. Geminis prefer to be in-your-face and all over the place, whereas Virgos are on the quieter side and succeed through their OBSESSION with perfection. It's no surprise that these two stellar artists clashed over Twitter because what Khalifa might be too shy to say in person he can say online. 

Ultimate Gemini moments

The entire string of tweets between Kanye and Khalifa was epic, but this is pretty much the crowning achievement of their feud. 

Kanye is such a Gemini that even in an insult, he turns it into a compliment.

Wiz is too Virgo to handle

Because he's a sweet Virgo, Khalifa is super emotional and pensive. He gets sooooo worked up over this album name change because he's so passionate about his work and wants music to be respected. That's literally the most Virgo thing that can happen. Also, weed. So Virgo.

Wiz is promoting peace and an end to this argument via weed. That could be the next best Virgo peacemaking solution.

Even though the Kanye-Wiz Khalifa tweets got deleted, the feud lives on. This will be an epic album release for Kanye (no surprise there). Kanye also called for peace, and hopefully it will stay that way for a while. What a kindhearted Gemini.