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The Bachelor: All About Olivia

Aliza Faragher

Olivia, Olivia, Olivia. She never fails to surprise or entertain us, which is exactly why she is (probably) the perfect Leo. This week on The Bachelor, Ben and his ladies took a trip to Las Vegas because that's where everyone finds love, right? I mean, if Britney Spears got married one time in Vegas, it's pretty much carte blanche for everyone else. 

Ben thought it would be a fun idea to have the women on his group date perform some of their talents. Obviously Jubilee rocked it at the cello because of course she plays the cello. Other talents included juggling, Irish step dancing, and other things that weren't really that memorable. Well, except for Olivia of course. 

Olivia's mysterious "talent" ended up being her jumping out of a cake in red, sparkly lingerie and awkwardly can-can dancing across the stage. If there were crickets in the theater, they would have been chirping. The women thought it was hilarious because they saw Olivia falter, but Olivia freaked out, had a panic attack, and then couldn't stop apologizing profusely to Ben. 

Basically, Olivia has to be a Leo. It's pretty clear. First of all, her outfit. Only a true Leo would have the confidence to pull off that sparkly outfit. She also rocked it, which was upsetting for any Olivia-haters out there. 

Olivia also has Leo strength and mentality. She refuses to give up on Ben and openly refers to herself as Mrs. Higgins. She claims she's there for the right reasons, and Olivia ain't afraid to knock anyone down along the way.

Olivia is a Leo because she's the only one there with a personality. Jubilee comes at a close second because she's complex and self-conscious, but Olivia is loud and alllll up in your face with her abrasive personality. All the other women tend to be a bit quieter and more reserved, which could totally be Ben's type, seeing as how he is a Pisces cusp.

Olivia is 1000000% commitment—anything less is wrong. Olivia gives her whole heart and soul in every situation. It gets annoying, yes, but you also have to commend her for her audacity and obsession with committing to Ben. It's abundantly clear that if Ben sends her home, she'll be shattered and fall to pieces, just like any true Leo.

Olivia is supportive, loving, and totally full of herself. She puts a target on her back because she isn't afraid to back down, but a Leo wouldn't do it any other way.