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John Travolta and His Facial Expressions are Aquarians

Aliza Faragher

In honor of the premiere of Grease: Live and The People v. O.J. Simpson, it pretty much goes without saying we need to pay tribute to John Travolta. Danny was a hunk in his T-Bird, and he totally rocked that leather jacket. In fact, props to Danny/John Travolta for getting Olivia Newton John in that intense leather bodysuit at the end of the original Grease

Anyway, John Travolta is an extremely influential and versatile actor, which makes sense because he's an Aquarius. From playing Vincent in Pulp Fiction to Edna Turnblad in Hairspray, John Travolta has proven he can play just about any role. Also, so can his face.  

Talk about appealing to the masses: that smile and smolder could create world peace

Aquarians are all about being individuals...hence why Travolta is probably the only individual who can pull off this hair style

Travolta works those bangs and that dress better than most people can

Aquarians love being unique. And that facial hair is definitely, um, unique.

But we must never, ever forget this moment

That moment was so much to handle, but Travolta did a great job of bouncing back. Aquarians are always really successful no matter what they do, which is why it needs to be noted that Travolta has a functional airport/runway at his house. Happy Aquarius season, John Travolta! You serve the sign well.