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'The Bachelor' Recap: Bye Jubilee, Hello Emily?

Aliza Faragher

A lot of drama went down on Monday's episode of The Bachelor. Per usual, the women were hating on Olivia because of her intense, Leo-centric level of obsession for Ben. As much as everyone hates on Olivia, it has to be acknowledged that she's pretty much the only one there with a dollop of personality. Ben must really love his women blonde and semi-boring.

So, let's talk dates.

Ben had a one-on-one with Amanda, who we definitely can see going pretty far in the show. She wanted to "open up" to Ben and tell him more about her past. She has two children and was with a guy for a few years, but he ended up cheating on her, which is horrible because she really is pretty and kind of looks like Lauren Conrad. Ben definitely seems smitten, and that's about all that needs to be noted for that date.

The group date:

Olivia was hopin' and prayin' her name wasn't on the group date card, but we're pretty sure Ben is smarter than that at this point than to take her on a one-on-one. In a common theme with the most recent rose ceremonies, Olivia's name was last on the date card. Whomp. She dealt with it like a true Leo though and sucked it up and even claimed Ben for herself on the cooking challenge. As a perfect Leo, she had so much confidence in her mole dish and thought "the bread looked perfectly buttered" even though the judges gossiped in Spanish that it "looked like dog food". There's also some great side drama about how the other women think Olivia has bad breath. It's really the small details with Olivia: the toes, the cankles, the breath. Olivia ended up getting the group date rose, however, which pissed off everyone.

Ben stole Lauren B. for a really hot make out sesh outside on the streets of Mexico City. We can also predict her making it pretty far in the season. She's chill. 

Ben's other one-on-one with Lauren H. wasn't that exciting either except it was cool that they got to model in Mexico City's fashion week. 

Jubilee jets

In a not-so-surprising but still upsetting turn of events, Jubilee and Ben had an intense sit-down where they talked about their future. Jubilee told Ben she still wasn't confident in herself and Ben was kind of over her lack of self-esteem. Jubilee held back too much from him, and his relationships progressed faster and better with other women. He told Jubilee sorry and that she should go. It was sad and a little awkward when he walked her out. Jubilee was one of the most real women the show has seen in a while. She didn't hide her flaws, but she let them get the best of her. We can only hope she gets back up better and stronger soon.

Let's talk Emily

Or is she actually Haley? No one actually knows. Does Ben? Unclear. Emily had a lot of screen time this week (including a great last shot of Lauren B. teaching her how to do a tequila shot. Really Emily????), which was surprising because Ben and Emily have literally no chemistry. She was feeling really threatened by Olivia, which is why she went to Ben and told him how Olivia was manipulative and a liar. Emily also had a long cry on the phone with Haley, which is awkward because Haley got dumped by Ben 2 weeks prior. Her best moment, however, was holding up a knife in the cooking challenge and making a joke along the lines of "watch your back, Olivia".

But no rose ceremony?

In typical dramatic Bachelor fashion, Ben was about the start the rose ceremony but instead said, "Olivia, can I talk to you for a minute?" Cue all the girls gasping and looking at each other before the "TO BE CONTINUED..." screen came on and immediately turned to previews for next week where all the women are crying...A LOT. Things are definitely about to turn up for Ben the Bachelor and his gals, and we can't wait to see what comes next.