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Los Angeles, CA




Aliza Faragher

Be Patient.


Aquarius, always remember that you’re operating 50 years before the rest of the world. You’re thinking about the big picture, and what’s fair and just seems so obvious to you… while everyone else is taking forever to figure it out. Your fashion sense perfectly captures your DGAF attitude, because you know that in a few years everyone will catch on to what you’ve been doing for years. It’s hard for you to remember, Aquarius, that it takes time for culture to shift and for change to come. Your 2016 resolution: be patient with people who may not understand where you are coming from. They eventually will. Recognize that you’re on the pulse of what’s next. It’s no use stubbornly working yourself up to make your point with people who just don’t get it. You have the gift of progress, and find in that the art of love.


Your outfits are always unique and strange but somehow it always just...works. Add a DEERDANA x Align Limited Edition Aquarius pin to your wardrobe and take your outfits to the next level of special.