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Aliza Faragher

Unleash your confidence.

Pisces, accept this: every sign wants what Pisces has. You’re the sweetest, and still the most fun. You’re soulful and sensitive, but still adventurous and empathetic. With your incredible sensitivity, your compassion makes you easily influenced by other people, and sometimes you lose sight of your personal goals. So this year, make an effort to stand your ground. Pisces is the most imaginative, creative sign. So trust in yourself, and your abilities will make you a successful powerhouse. Nothing is sexier than confidence, Pisces, and truly embrace all you have to offer. Make like Biebs and unleash the abilities you know deep down you have. And don’t just embrace it: act on it. You’ll reap major rewards when your turn your imagination into execution.


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Aliza Faragher

Be Patient.


Aquarius, always remember that you’re operating 50 years before the rest of the world. You’re thinking about the big picture, and what’s fair and just seems so obvious to you… while everyone else is taking forever to figure it out. Your fashion sense perfectly captures your DGAF attitude, because you know that in a few years everyone will catch on to what you’ve been doing for years. It’s hard for you to remember, Aquarius, that it takes time for culture to shift and for change to come. Your 2016 resolution: be patient with people who may not understand where you are coming from. They eventually will. Recognize that you’re on the pulse of what’s next. It’s no use stubbornly working yourself up to make your point with people who just don’t get it. You have the gift of progress, and find in that the art of love.


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Aliza Faragher

Take a risk.

A word of warning: this month may be tough to get through with Mercury traveling backward through your sign. But we know you can pull through, badass Capricorn. You tend to think in long-term goals, so we trust you won’t let Mercury’s bullshit get you down. When you set your mind to achieve something, it’s set. You have your goals and vision for the future, and that’s what drives your incredible ambition and success. This year, take a risk, especially in love. Your fear of being thrown off course in your career or finding the perfect partner can cause you to have tunnel vision. Go on a date with someone unexpected. Tell someone something you’ve never told anyone else. Take a chance, and something magical could happen… even better than you’ve planned for.


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Aliza Faragher

Listen more.

As the last fire sign in the zodiac cycle, Sag has a flame that is impossible to extinguish. Your energy is infectious, and you always walk the line between making people extremely comfortable and making them... cringe. Embrace your eccentricities always, Sag, but this year, harness your energy to bring people closer to you. You’re a storyteller, but you often make yourself the center of every narrative. Take time in 2016 to listen, ask questions, and stop to think before you say “Well, what you’re saying reminds me of this one time I…”. This year, use your ears as much as you use your words. You’ll definitely learn something along the way, and you'll find that people will be more on your level.


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Aliza Faragher

Give second chances.

Scorpio, you see the world in black and white. Your resoluteness and strict moral compass make you a natural leader, and once you make up your mind, you never waver. We know that years of watching The Bachelor have taught you that first impressions are all you need to judge. But this year, you may be surprised how you feel once you give people second chances. You may be able to catch all of your date’s flaws on the first night, but don’t be too harsh. It will always be hard to perform to your standards, so in 2016, make an effort to let people try.  A little bit of open mindedness goes a long way.



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Aliza Faragher

Prioritize physical health.

Libras pride themselves on their notorious “mental workouts.” Too tired to go on that jog you’ve been talking about for weeks? That’s because you’ve been thinking so hard for the last six hours. Lol. We’re not saying you need a typical “lose 5 pounds in 2016” resolution. No, Libra, you look great always. But this year, take some of the time you spend weighing all of your options to the weight room instead. The mental clarity that comes after a great workout may make all those difficult decisions seem much more approachable. Your brain will appreciate the break it sorely needs!


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