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Aliza Faragher

Share the wealth.


It’s important for Taureans to relax and indulge. While others may find Taurus’s demand for extra fragrant bubble baths excessive, luxury is a value to these romantic earth signs, and without comfort, Tauruses lose their footing. Though Tauruses know what they want (hot tub, plush towels, face masks, aromatherapy pls), the 2016 New Year’s Resolution for these bulls is all about giving back. This year, work on ensuring those who are most important are also receiving luxury treatment. Go the extra mile to make sure these relationships are as pampered as your toes, and we guarantee the rewards will be great.


But just because you're sharing the wealth doesn't mean you shouldn't indulge. Get your DEERDANA x Align Limited Edition Taurus pin and show off the good stuff.