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Aliza Faragher

Find your energy outlet.


Between their larger-than-life presences, exuberant spontaneity, and infamous temper tantrums, it’s not hard to spot an Aries. Aries are the babies of the zodiac, and just like a child who spins in circles until he passes out, Aries have a tendency to get themselves too worked up over nothing. Your 2016 New Year’s Resolution, Aries, is to find a productive outlet for all your energy. Whether through physical exercise, a daily meditation practice, or an inspired creative pursuit, take time this year to harness your fire. There’s no point in having so much force if you don’t make good use of it, so reserve your innate power for when it’s actually needed (like yelling at your colleagues for being dummies or turning up the hardest at the club).


This is your year, Aries, so wear it with pride in 2016. Get your DEERDANA x Align Limited Edition Aries pin and start the year off right.