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Bachelor Recap: Blonde Bahama Drama

Aliza Faragher

So...Ben definitely wasn't lying when he said there would be a lot of drama this week on The Bachelor. A lot of blondes (and a brunette) did and said some crazy stuff. Ben is clearly gravitating toward certain women (cough Lauren B.—but we'll get to that in a few), and the women are not holding back their feelings for him either. Everyone seems to be falling for him, even though they've been on LITERALLY ONE DATE with him. But, that's a different post for a different day. 



Long story short: Caila loves Ben but does she?

Ben invited Caila on a second one-on-one and most people, especially Leah and Emily, were pissed about that. Ben justified his decision because Ice Cube and Kevin Hart crashed his first date with Caila (really...so heartbreaking that happened to you, Ben) so he and Caila went deep-sea fishing, made out a lot, and then didn't eat dinner. Ben wanted to see the "deeper side" of Caila aka does she ever do anything other than smile and make out with him?

Well, apparently not. Ben got real with Caila and asked if she was in this for the long haul. But, let's take a second to pause and remember that Caila is, what, 24? Does she think about marriage every second of every day? Maybe. Good for Caila though because she told Ben she loved him, but, "I'm afraid I'll break your heart". Ben was confused, and so was everyone else. What's Caila's deal? Does she actually like Ben? Is she ready to commit? How does she feel being one of the only brunettes left? So many questions left for Caila.

Leah has her breakout role

This episode featured a lot of Leah, which always means she's either winning or going home. Well, it happens to be the latter. Leah was angry she didn't get a one-on-one and cried so much, but you also couldn't blame her for being so upset. She has barely had any air time and her relationship with Ben clearly wasn't progressing. It was definitely easy to sympathize with Leah for a while, but then the group date happened.


Leah was really stand-offish on the group date which was weird for Ben, but he also probably didn't care because he didn't like her that much to begin with. Later on, she decided to start the ultimate sabotage against Lauren B. What's the sudden hate for Lauren B? Is she the new Olivia? Unclear. Leah is probably an Aries because she's so impatient, stubborn, and kinda immature emotionally. She couldn't handle that her relationship with Ben wasn't going anywhere, so like a true Aries she took control of the situation. 

Ultimately, Leah's handling of the Ben/Lauren B/Bachelor situation didn't end well. She did the whole "I'm gonna show up and knock on Ben's door in the middle of the night while he happens to be sitting on the porch drinking wine while all the women in the house are going to bed and gossiping" thing. Ben was verrrrry uncomfortable and then broke up with her and immediately said, "I'll walk you out". Leah was crushed but she pretty much deserved it because of the way she treated Lauren B and handled the entire situation. She's (most likely) an Aries. It makes complete sense that this is how she controlled her emotions and it blew up in her face. Oh well, next time, Leah.


Olivia and Emily awkwardly went on the two-on-one with Ben and Olivia once again told Ben she loved him. Ben was all thumbs up that's nice, but then told her he didn't reciprocate the feelings and sent her home. Um. Olivia. We all loved her and hated her, hated to love her, loved to hate her, whatever. Now that Olivia (and Lace: gone but not forgotten) is gone, what reason is there to watch the show? No one with any personality is left, but we know The Bachelor is full of surprises, so we can guess something good is going to come soon. Going back to Emily though: she's definitely not going to make it much longer. Ben and Emily have 0 chemistry, so it's pretty clear she'll be heading back to Vegas in the near future. 

Other thoughts


Ben sees JoJo as a confidant and someone to turn to when he's having a rough day. That's definitely strong wife material for Ben. She'll make it far. No one really cares about Lauren H leaving. Also, Ben is really such a fan of the hand-on-leg position when he's making out with his ladies. One more thing: SWIMMING WITH PIGS IN THE BAHAMAS. 

So much drama, so much more time. We can't wait to see what's next on The Bachelor!