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Bachelor Recap: A Trip to Warsaw (not Poland)

Aliza Faragher

This week on The Bachelor, Ben decided to fly the women back to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana (more on that glorious place in a few). This is the week before hometowns, so Ben and his gals were really feeling the stress this week. As usual, there were some surprising and not-so-surprising moments. One can only imagine how Olivia would've handled being in Indiana, but we just have to use our imaginations for that one.

First things first: Warsaw, Indiana

It's just really crucial to note that Warsaw, Indiana is known as "The Orthopedic Capital of the World". So thank you, Warsaw, for all that you have done for orthopedics. 

Surprise: Ben takes Lauren B on a date!

After some glorious footage of the girls running and throwing leaves and fall foliage in each other's hair and faces, they arrive at their beautiful house on the lake where they'll be staying that week. Ben shows up and asks Lauren B. in front of everyone if she wants to go on a date. Obviously she says yes, so after she has 30 minutes to get ready, Ben and Lauren leave in Ben's red pickup truck. Do we think Ben actually drives this red pickup truck? His parents definitely seem like BMW or high-end Chevy driving folk, but Ben's car is his own prerogative.

Ben shows Lauren all the important sites of Warsaw: his high school (he was quarterback on the football team!), his church, his city. They end up at a  youth club where Ben was worked in the past and they play with some kids. The real MVP of this part of the episode, however, is Ronnie "half court king" from Warsaw. He made a half court shot (hence the name), which meant that Ben had to kiss Lauren! As one girl said, "Lauren and Ben did smoochy smoochy!" Then, Paul George and George Hill show up and teach them exercises. Sorry, but if I was on that date, I would've been more excited about Paul George than playing basketball with some 9 year-olds. Ben came to the rescue when a kid cried, which was very Pisces of him. He looked out for that little kid Aaron and brought him back into the circle. Lauren and Ben seem like they'll be happily ever after and she's pretty clearly the frontrunner at the moment.

JoJo Takes on the Windy City

"Where are we going? It's pretty windy here." JoJo takes a car to Chicago where she meets up with Ben at Wrigley Field. According to Google Maps, it's a 2 1/2 hour drive (in clear traffic) from Warsaw to Chicago. JoJo and Ben wear "Mrs. Higgins" and "Mr. Higgins" jerseys and they chill out in the middle of the field and joke around. 

At dinner, Ben wants to figure out JoJo. As we've said before, it's pretty clear that Ben sees JoJo as someone he can trust and be real with. He even says he feels like he's the most himself when he's around her. That's always a good sign, but JoJo holds back a little bit, which freaks out Ben. JoJo tells him to trust her and that her feelings will come through more, he just needs to be patient. Well, he clearly does and she'll probably make it far as well. 

JoJo is definitely the most real out of all the women left. She seems very no-BS and would call someone out if they needed it. She's probably a Capricorn. Hopefully Ben will keep trusting her enough to keep her around. If not, she's a clear choice for the next bachelorette.

That awkward group date / a McDonalds Drive Thru

Now that Olivia is gone, there aren't many interesting women left. The group date had some of the more personality-less women: Amanda, Caila, and Becca. Becca has not had a ton of air time recently, so this was really her time to shine and prove to Ben she's in it to win it. Long story short, Becca tells Ben "don't blindside me" and then Ben gives the rose to Amanda. 

Oh my goodness the one-on-one with Ben and Amanda. Ben takes Amanda to the super romantic McDonalds in town where they both order Egg McMuffins. Ben asks the lovely woman working the cash register if they can go behind the counter, and she obviously says yes. Amanda and Ben then work the DRIVE THRU LINE!!!!!!!!!!! What a date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing screams romance like minimum wage paying jobs and Egg McMuffins. Of course, though, there's a carnival right outside for Ben and the whole town shows up and they go on roller coaster rides. Ben seems pretty into Amanda, but their hometown date will be the real test of if he can handle her kids or not.

"I really just want to be an NFL cheerleader"

This week was Emily's week to really shine. She still hadn't had a one-on-one, so Ben was pretty much obliged to give her one. He decides to take her to his giant home to meet his parents who seem pretty chill. Emily, however, has no chill and didn't stop talking. Some of her greatest lines include: "I really just want to be an NFL cheerleader", "I don't travel a lot. I really love the ducks here", "I've been average in most things in life", "I wish I could sit around and watch movies all day", "I like a lot of things. I like vegetables" and the list goes on. Ben's parents were clearly like WTF and then Ben dumped Emily in front of all the other women, which was pretty shitty on his part. Ben and Emily really didn't have any chemistry though. She was not a favorite from the start and Ben had to keep her around because he couldn't ditch her the week after he dumped Haley. We can only hope Emily accomplishes her dream of becoming a cheerleader. Our fingers are crossed for you.

What's next?

Hometowns are always so dramatic aka the best. These women have been on literally 2 one-on-one dates with him and they can't wait to tell their parents and siblings how fast they're falling for Ben. It'll be full of family drama, which is the best kind, especially when it's not our own. Who will make it past hometowns?? Who will get to live with Ben in the orthopedic capital of the world?!