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Your Ideal Match is Capricorn! (December 21 - January 19)

Aliza Faragher

Your ideal match is a Capricorn! While not the most emotive of signs, you can always be sure Capricorn has your back. After all, Capricorn toils day after day to make sure they have everything they need. By extension, Capricorn works extra hard to ensure bae is happy as a clam with a classy meal and a sensible gift. These goats are the zodiac’s hardest workers, and they’re goal-setters, professionally and personally. You may not have Cap writing you a love sonnet, but you’ll have the security of Capricorn always looking out for your interests and well-being. You know that dependability is the sexiest quality in a partner, and you can be sure Capricorn is dependable, even if they may seem distracted with work stuff every now and then. And just remember... the more straight laced on the streets, the freakier in the sheets.

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