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Your Ideal Match is Sagittarius! (November 22 - December 21)

Aliza Faragher

Your ideal match is a Sagittarius! The zodiac’s archer can’t help but shoot arrows all over the place, and one will surely hit your heart. Sagittarians are hilarious. They are walking, talking poster children of giving no fucks. Be mindful of that - Sagittarians shoot their arrows and talk a million words per minute in a million different directions. One story turns into three stories, a childhood memory or seven, a statistic about the French Revolution, and somehow, in all of this, Sag has managed to insult you fifty different times. Don’t take it personally; Sagittarius didn’t mean it that way. They’re storytellers and performers, and they speak their mind without a filter. It’s that same sense of life that makes Sag an amazing travel partner, conversationalist, and go-to encyclopedia. You’ll never be bored with Sagittarius, so long as you can keep up.

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