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Bachelor Recap: A Sweet, Suite Fantasy but Jamaican Me Crazy, Ben

Aliza Faragher

This week on The Bachelor was the episode we've all been shamelessly waiting for: Fantasy Suite week!!! Ben and the 3 women left (Caila, Lauren, Jojo) were in Jamaica soaking up the sun and Ben's attention. Final 3 / Fantasy Suite (FS) week is always an intense one for a lot of reasons. Is he gonna go to the FS with all of the women? Are all 3 women going to accept his invite—well, it's really Chris Harrison's—to the FS? How does one even emotionally prepare to go on a date and spend the night with one woman and then immediately leave to go on a date to repeat the same thing just with a different woman? Ben's definitely gotta have a lot of emotional stability.


Just like Ben's hometown of Warsaw, Indiana is the "orthopedic capital of the world", it needs to be noted that the women are staying at the Sandals Resort. Just take a moment to reminisce on all of the great Sandals commercials we always saw as kids. It would be interesting to see how much money Sandals threw at ABC for that promotion. The best Sandals highlight: the aptly named "Romeo & Juliet" fantasy suite, except I would hope that Ben's ending with whoever he picks is a little happier than the ending of "for never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo".

Ben & his dates

Ben and the 3 women left are all pretty boring. Caila smiles nonstop and it's annoying because even when she talks about things that are serious and make her sad, she still has an infantile look on her face. Lauren is all about being in love with Ben, but she says everything in the most monotone voice ever. Jojo is actually the best of the 3 because she's real and that's what Ben seems to like about her a lot. 

We knew this wasn't going to end well for Caila from the beginning because Ben and Caila's date was pretty awkward from the get-go. They didn't talk a lot and Ben didn't seem that into it, either. He was ready to get straight to the FS and just hook up with Caila. Caila did profess her love and Ben smiled and made out her with her. Caila was all "I can tell from his eyes and his breath that he loves me". Well, sorry Caila.

Lauren and Ben actually had a really cute date saving some sea turtles. The turtles were so adorable and it was awesome that they get to help grow the sea turtle population. Then, Ben got vulnerable and told Lauren that she "is too good for him" and Lauren was like "No, Ben! You're too good for me." They had a back & forth thing and she told him she loved him and then BEN BROKE BACHELOR RULES AND TOLD HER HE LOVED HER TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we've been waiting all season for that moment. Lauren has clearly been Ben's favorite the entire time, but it definitely felt and looked real when he said he felt the same. It wouldn't be an episode of The Bachelor though without some good drama.

Cue Jojo's date. They go to a waterfall and Jojo tells Ben super early into the date that she loves him. Good for her! Ben TELLS JOJO HE LOVES HER!!! Ugh, Ben. Was it scripted though???? Does he mean it????? Jojo's reaction was the best when he responded: "What????" Definitely a season highlight. Ben and Jojo have a (presumably) great night in the fantasy suite and they're all happy.

Caila shows up the next day to surprise Ben, which never bodes well for any Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant. Ben knew he was gonna dump Caila, but she made it easier for him. She also showed up wearing a tie-dye sports bra crop top and a weird black skirt. Thanks for showing off your abs, Caila. The top was very 90s chic. Caila did a good thing though and called Ben out on essentially whether or not he kept her around just to sleep with her. Ben said no, but Caila cried a lot and went home.

Rose ceremony: Jojo and Lauren both got roses obviously, but then there was the world's most awkward group hug ever and it was extremely cringeworthy. Now we have to wait 2 weeks to see who Ben picks!

What does this all mean for Ben as a Pisces?

Ben is a Pisces-Aries cusp, so his emotions are all over the place. He's an interesting mix of dominant and intimate and emotional and stoic. As mentioned in last week's Bachelor recap, Ben's heart is swimming in two very different directions, just like the Pisces symbol.

Pisces are extremely intimate and also really vulnerable. Ben kept the two women around he could be the most vulnerable with. He's always been open with Lauren and he keeps on saying that he "feels like he's the most himself" around Jojo. Pisces also love finding people he can rely on, and that's been another mantra of Ben's this season. Lauren and Jojo are his two reliable women he can seek for comfort and happiness. All of Ben's lovey-dovey emotional moments are stemmed in his Pisces background. Not many other signs express emotion, communication, and intimacy quite like Pisces.

Aries and Pisces have such different approaches to life, which makes this cusp so fascinating. Ben's emotions get the best of him sometimes, but the Aries in him comes out when he needs to face tough decisions. Like a good ram, he dives head-on into the situation at hand and deals with it, no matter how tough. He's sent a decent amount of people home before a rose ceremony this season: Jubilee, Leah, Caila. He knows it's going to be hard, but Ben is aggressive enough to realize what and who he wants, so he does what needs to be done.

Ben has a tough decision ahead of him, but it wouldn't be a fantastic Bachelor finale without tons of tears and an overly gaudy Neil Lane engagement ring.