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From The Vault: Daria

Aliza Faragher

From The Vault is a series in which we analyze classic TV & Film characters to determine their matching astrological sign.

High school has been equated to Certified Hell for generations, but starting in 1997 angst-ridden teenagers had the opportunity to matriculate with Daria Morgendorffer by their side. The eponymous character of the MTV animated series was sardonic, clever and most importantly over it. Who can't relate to that?

Daria Morgendorffer: Virgo

With her penchant for being deeply critical of her peers and the structures of society, Daria is likely to be a Virgo. These earth signs are intelligent creatures who typically thrive on a healthy dosage of solitude. Virgos have high expectations for those around them (and just as often themselves), which aligns with how Daria considers everyone at Lawndale High, with the exception of Jane Lane, to be idiots.

Quinn Mordgendorffer: Pisces

Daria's younger sister Quinn is often unfairly judged as vapid and vain. Sure, she's cute, popular and the most sought after girl at Lawndale High...but she's so much more than that! Quinn has a Piscean deepness that she hides well for fear of besmirching her reputation, but as the series progresses, she realizes that wants more than what the proverbial "cool kids" can offer her. She has a tenderness about her, and despite what her sister thinks, is driven by a higher purpose.  

Jane Lane: Sagittarius 

As Daria's BFF and fellow misanthrope, Jane adds a bit of a philosophical flair to her snarky yet lively persona. She loves her freedom and leads her life with little to no interference from her parents, often serving as the driving force that gets Daria out of the house and into the world. With her easy-going attitude as well as her ability to make friends and fit in when she wants to (she's more aware of social graces than Daria will ever be), Jane is most likely a top candidate for the fire sign Sagittarius.

Trent Lane: Libra

Jane's older brother and the not-so-secret object of Daria's affection, Trent, is the Libra of the Daria universe. Librans are ruled by Venus--the planet of art, love and luxury--and Trent is often seen devoting himself to his band Mystik Spiral or sleeping. He's incredibly laid-back (re: lazy) and somewhat unreliable, but at times pulls through and serves as a mediator between Jane and Daria. In typical Libra fashion, Trent is kind, likable and above all, well-rested.