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Bachelor Ben Has a Happy Ending!

Aliza Faragher

Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor ended on Monday in a dramatic yet not-that-dramatic episode where he battled with "indecisiveness" the entire time and was struggling to figure out which woman he wanted to propose to.  They were, of course, back at Sandals resort, which has its own helicopters! There's no better place to not know which woman you want to propose to on national TV than at a Sandals resort in Jamaica.

Lauren and Jojo meet the 'rents

The episode started off with Lauren meeting Ben's parents, and Mama and Pops Higgins seemed to enjoy Lauren. Ben's clear infatuation with her probably helped, but Mama Higgins and Lauren had an important conversation where Lauren was asking her what to do when times got rough. Mama Higgins didn't necessarily enjoy the fact that her son could be getting married to someone and they've never experienced any conflicts or hardships before. It seems, however, that Jojo and Ben had tough times, but that'll come soon enough. Lauren impressed the Higgins family, but one of the most noticeable traits about Lauren is that she absolutely fails to show any emotion whatsoever. Someone could tell her that her cat just ran away and she would still speak in the same monotone voice as she does now when she tells Ben she loves him. 

Jojo, on the other hand, completely blew the Higgins parents away. They LOVED her, and it's hard not to. Jojo completely came out of left field this season, but she's proven to be one of the more real contestants on the show. She told Ben that she wanted him to be real with her. Jojo said, "I'm hurt and part of me feels really naive." The best part is that Jojo is in tune with what's happening with Ben and she won't let him go until he gives her a solid response. She even pulled him into the bathroom behind closed doors so he could give her a non-BS answer about how he was feeling. 

Mama and Pops Higgins were extremely impressed by Jojo mostly because it seems that Ben and Jojo dealt with conflicts together and they had tough times. What? Did we miss something? There was the time Ben's family friend died and Jojo was the first one to actually comfort him (whereas Olivia had her #cankles moment). Jojo has always been a confidante for Ben mostly because Jojo is extremely genuine. She's also so beautiful and didn't want to listen to Ben's fake speech after he broke up with her. Stay real, Jojo.

Ben picks Lauren, Jojo is the next bachelorette

To no one's surprise, Ben proposes to Lauren and it's actually really cute. They seem genuinely happy together and hopefully their relationship can last longer than a few months. Ben proposed with a huuuuuuge Neil Lane diamond ring (can't have anything other than Neil Lane!) and it was cute because Ben called Lauren's dad before the proposal to get his blessing. That was a plot twist because the editing for the previews made it seem like Ben was having a breakdown and needed to call his mom. You got us there, Bachelor producers.  Lauren and Ben can now hang out in public together. We can only hope the real world works out for them and they can conquer some of these "tough times" together.

Also, Jojo will be the next Bachelorette! Some headlines came out recently that it would be Caila, but ABC announced that it would be Jojo. Phew! Jojo will be a refreshing bachelorette, and it'll definitely be interesting to see how she plays out with Aaron Rodgers's brother. It would also be a great plot twist if Jojo's ex-bf Chad (the one who sent her flowers) showed up. We can only wait and see!

Ben + Lauren in astrology land

Now the important stuff: once Ben and Lauren move past the honeymoon phase, how compatible are they actually? Ben is a Pisces-Aries cusp (almost his birthday!), and Lauren is an Aquarius. 

The Aries-Aquarius matchup is a pretty powerful one. Both Aries and Aquarians are very independent and always up for a new adventure. This makes sense because Lauren is a flight attendant (although how will that change post-engagement?) and Ben likes doing things, such as swimming with pigs. Aries love focusing on themselves, whereas Aquarians care more about the common good first. Once they both can just communicate what they want and how they want it, their relationship will keep thriving and hopefully last a while.

The Pisces side of Ben also makes this an interesting match because Pisces love making the world a better place, just like Aquarians. Pisces definitely show more emotions than Aquarians—as we've noted above and clearly seen in Lauren's monotone voice and reaction to pretty much everything, Pisces are drawn to Aquarians because of they constant action and individuality. Ben and Lauren can definitely flourish if they appreciate each others's strengths and weaknesses.

Fingers crossed for Ben and Lauren! We can't wait to see what crazies show up on Jojo's season of The Bachelorette, You know we'll be front and center for it.