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From the Vault: Friday Night Lights

Aliza Faragher

From The Vault is a series in which we analyze classic TV & Film characters to determine their matching astrological sign.

This weekend marks the beginning of South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin where none other than the President and First Lady will be headlining the festival. It's only fair that this week's From the Vault features not only one of the best television shows ever, but it also takes place in Texas.

Friday Night Lights is so much more than just football. Rather, it's a beautiful and moving story about love, family, friendship, and the impact that one coach and team can have on everyone else. If you've never seen this show and can't make it to Austin this weekend, buckle down on Netflix and binge watch FNL. You'll only be sorry you waited this long to watch it. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Jason Street: Capricorn

Simply put, Jason Street refused to give up. The poor guy became paralyzed his first game after tackling a player incorrectly. Jason, however, metaphorically got right back up and after a while, got into great shape and figured his life out. Sure, he had a few identity crises here and there and his trip to Mexico to get that cutting-edge surgery didn't work out too well, but Street always tried his hardest. He was born to be a coach, just like the perfect Capricorn.

Tim Riggins: Pisces

Oh, beautiful Tim Riggins. This show would be nothing without you. Riggins oozes Pisces soul and mentality. He's essentially always having sex, everyone is in love with him, he can flirt with just a quick stare, and he sacrificed his own future for his brother. Nothing screams Pisces more than that. Riggins was always infatuated by Lyla because she represented success and emotional availability, even when she wasn't emotionally available at all. Even though Riggins was such a rebel by dating the hot older neighbor for a hot sec as well as drinking all the time, he has such an old soul quality to him. He is and always live and breathe Texas Forever.

Matt Saracen: Libra

Libra's trademarks are relationships, and it's pretty clear that Matt doesn't function well when he isn't in one. Let's not even get started on his tryst with Carlotta. Matt scoped out Julie from the start and knew he wanted to be with her. It was fantastic when he awkwardly asked Coach to date Julie, but those good manners are the core of Libra's being. Matt as the powerful quarterback made him the center of the football team, and Libras thrive in the team environment. Matt represents all of our #relationshipgoals from Coach Taylor as his mentor to Landry as his bff.

Julie Taylor: Taurus

Julie Taylor can be a really polarizing character at times. We envy her when she's dating Matt (luckiest girl alive), but she also gets so unnecessarily mad at her loving parents. Granted, she is the daughter of the coach, and then surprisingly becomes a big sis in season 2. Julie loves attention and loves the love that Matt gives her, except when she has that random fling with the TA and the Swede. Julie's bullish side comes through as well, especially when she becomes friends with Tyra. Tauruses love consistency, and she knows Matt is the perfect one for her in the end because he's been there the entire time.

Tyra: Leo

Of all the flawless characters on this show, Tyra almost leads the pack as reigning champion. She went through Hell and back in order to fulfill her dreams, and she couldn't have done it without the help of Tami. No one ever gave Tyra a chance. She was powerful, strong, and beautiful, but everyone only saw her as a pretty face. But no, Tyra kicked ass at the end of high school and made herself eligible enough to get into University of Texas. Hook 'em, Tyra. You're perfect.

Vince: Scorpio

Vince had a lot to prove as quarterback for the East Dillon Lions. He went through a lot of soul-searching during his short two seasons on the show. Vince had a really hard home life, especially because his mom was a drug addict and he had an absentee father. Vince fell into some bad habits, but he was ultimately saved by coach. As soul-searching Scorpios do, Vince realized that his true strengths lie in being a leader for his team. His power, drive, and intensity turned his team into champs in just a short while.

Tami Taylor aka Mrs. Coach: Virgo

Friday Night Lights would be nothing without Tami Taylor, her love of wine, and undying support for her husband. Tami is there at the drop of a hat for any of her friends or family, but she also knows what's best for her. She's organized, driven, and wants everyone around her to succeed. Tami worked her way up from guidance counselor to principal and eventually moved to Pennsylvania. She was the ultimate companion, wife, and supporter of coach, which is why she needed him to make a sacrifice for her and transition to Pennsylvania. 

Coach Taylor: Scorpio

Coach Eric Taylor happens to be one of the most life-changing characters on television. His intensity, mysticism, passion, and leadership are all Scorpio qualities. Books could be written about Coach Taylor's impact on his players. He treated his players and peers with respect. Coach's home was always open to those in need. He backed up Riggins for his parole hearing. Coach moved to Pennsylvania for his wife's dream job. He was a college coach for a hot sec and realized his home was in Dillon. He turned crappy football teams into champions. Coach Taylor embodied Scorpio traits with his constant insight, romantic gestures, and advice.Coach knew how to sting when necessary, but he always found ways to solve problems. Scorpios are some of the most intense and powerful signs in the zodiac, and he made sure everyone felt the true power of CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS, CAN'T LOSE.