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5 Reasons Why Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is One of Our Favorite Pisces

Aliza Faragher

'Tis the season for Supreme Court attention. On March 15, Notorious RBG turned 83 and keeps extending her record of being the biggest badass on the Supreme Court. Merrick Garland (Scorpio) has just been named to replace Justice Antonin Scalia (also a Pisces!) on the Supreme Court, but just because there's some new blood entering the highest court in the land, RBG stands out as one of the most influential and important justices in recent memory. Obama loves her and she is just an all-around legend. Happy birthday week, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This is why we love her so much.

Because this quote is literally everything

She basically parts the Red Sea of Congress

She exudes power and badassery, but you can tell she has a gentle heart

It's pretty clear Obama loves her like one of his own

No matter what, she is always wearing a great pair of earrings and can accessorize flawlessly

Thank you, RBG, for being a powerful voice and inspiration for women everywhere.