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6 Important Reasons Why We Love Aries

Aliza Faragher

There are a few definite signs that Spring has sprung: daylight savings moves us forward an hour, the groundhog didn't see his shadow, and March Madness has let all brackets run amok. The best part of Spring, however, is ARIES SEASON!

If you have an Aries in your life (which you should), they will surely let it be known that the Zodiac calendar has been through a full cycle, which means Aries is the center of attention for a full month. In honor of the youthful rams, here are some of the main aspects of why we love Aries and all of their volatility.

Aries are born leaders and love being in charge

Aries are extremely passionate and always give 110% 

They thrive on adventure and spontaneity 

Aries let you know what they want and they won't stop til they get it 

When an Aries loves you, you're the center of their world

Aries love surrounding themselves with people who are always eager to try something new

Aries has a lot of wonderful qualities, but these fiery and temperamental rams can easily become stubborn and angry. Aries are loving, dedicated, and driven. Don't let one small bump in the road make an Aries companion forget their wonderful traits.